Monday, October 12, 2009

Hi guys,

Royzilla first post finally.
This post will particularly contains my photos between me and my girlfriend.
We're having a long distance relationship so this photos are taken during my break back in my hometown Medan, Indonesia.
Hope you'll enjoy it.

The Way You look At Me
Miss this moment so much =(

You are always there beside me....
>.< miss u dear....

Love Is a Promise
A promise between us

The Note She Left
The note she gave before i left Medan.

The Box She Left
The box she gave me before leaving..=(

Not A million but Meaningful
She made this bottle of stars when i was not back yet and she gave it to me together with the note.

I Love You
Alternative view of the note...

From her with love
A handmade bracelet which she handmade for me...so sweet..

The necklace that i specially ordered as a gift from me when i got back home.

© RoyZilla Collection

Well those photos were taken during my 3 weeks break at my hometown. and now, that i'm back in SG, i'm gonna miss her so much.
Most photos are taken with:
Canon EOS 500D + EF 50mm f/1.8 II Lens

Enjoy the Photos !!!Happy Viewfinding fellas!!


TakanoreeFLow said...

aww.... I'm happy for the both of you! :3
oh, and lovely photos you have there! beautifully portrays the deep emotion and atmosphere!
Keep it up! ^^b

Royzilla said...

Thanks dude!=)