How it happen....

Friday, September 11, 2009

Hi guys!

Here's the deal, this Photo-blog was started with the Four silly undergrads.
They met each other in Singapore, but ridiculously they are all from the same country, Indonesia. Meeting each other for the first time in a small private school and all majoring in Business. The bond started to grow as they share their interest and passion on their hobbies.

The big four are:
- Yi
- RoyZilla
- Panchira retired
- Nez

The four undergrads decided to try something new and started to build up an interest in Photography from zero. Photohunts were planned and executed, covering the best spot in Singapore. ViewFinder, a Photo-blog which contains the photos taken from the photohunt and "Individual collection" from each of the four silly undergrads.

Well... enough for the ranting introduction ;)
Please enjoy your Viewfinding experience in this photo-blog and if possible, leave us some constructive feedbacks or comments.


The Viewfinder Team